Trick to Use Jio Phone Sim in Smartphones ! Plans for Jio Phones

Everyone has purchased Jio Feature Phone now a days and company is also offering  mandatory Jio Sim purchase in this offer, so related to that many user have many questioned in mind that whether they will able to use Jio Sim in Other Smartphones Or Not , whether they can take other benefit of Jio Sim Recharge or not so, in this post we will tell you the answer to the above questions and if you have any question in mind related to Jio Sim then kindly mention it on comment below ;-

Jio sim

Related to first question yes if you are using Jio Features Phone and you have taken mandatory sim then you dont have to worry about as Reliance is providing a special benefit that by recharging with other JIO Sim plan you can get the same benefit in other smartphones also. But here you have to make compulsory Rs. 99 Membership Recharge in this plan. i. e. if you have to select Rs. 149 Plan then you have to do a single recharge of Rs. 248. Here you will get same benefit of other plan i.e. 4GB High Speed Data in a Month and validity will be for 28 days.

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Now we have come to second question that whether others plans is applicable or not on your jio feature phone. If you are going to recharge with your jio number which is in Jio Phone then whether you will able to get other benefit or not. Yes you will get the benefit i.e. if you are recharging your Jio features phone by prime number with other plans like 349+99  i.e. for Rs. 448 then you will get the same benefit which smartphone user is getting.

So, friends in both the cases you are able to enjoy jio Sim services whether in Smartphone or Jio Feature Phone.

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