Apple Update :Plan for USB-C port instead of Lightning connector in upcoming iPhones

In the latest round of rumours, a report claims that Apple might skip its own conventional ‘Lightning Cable’ and instead opt for a USB-C port in the upcoming iPhones. The latest report from Wall Street Journal claims that this USB-C will be used for both charging the device and connecting other peripheral devices. Well, if this comes out to be true, it will be a surprising move from Apple as the Cupertino-based giant has always been the trendsetter rather being a follower. However, putting a USB-C port on the next iPhone will be a welcome change as it will be a standard affair in all smartphones.

Meanwhile, The Verge mentions that this might indicate an inclusion of USB-C on the power adapter instead of the phone. Apple has already done it with its latest MacBook lineup and if we look at the rumour in this way, it makes more sense. Nevertheless, it will be an interesting move by Apple and we hope the company includes wireless charging if at all it replaces the lightning cable with the USB-C. Rumours also has it that Apple might include wireless charging in the upcoming iPhone 8.

The report also recollected most of the previous rumours which include that Apple is expected to launch three iPhones this year. A 4.7-inch iPhone 7s and a 5.5-inch iPhone 7s Plus with similar design and updated internals (possibly a new A11 chip) and a the much-awaited iPhone 8 (or iPhone X) with a new design language, new features, new internals and a hefty price tag which tipsters predicts to be over $1000 which should be highly attributed to Apple’s decision to go with OLED screens for the iPhone 8.

The higher price tag might also be blamed to Apple’s plan to implement a revolutionary 3D front camera. The new 3D technology in the front camera can be used for 3D gaming, augmented reality, facial recognition etc. In other words, the next iPhone might scan your face and put on your favourite gaming character.


The rumours don’t end here. A recent report also suggested that Apple might be planning to include a fingerprint scanner on the display. The US-based manufacturer is planning to implement this with the help of interactive pixels along with a supporting chip placed underneath.

The next iPhone will surely be one of its kind. While we don’t expect much from the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, iPhone 8 will be something which might set yet another trend in the global smartphone industry