Now Xiaomi engulfed in phone explosion cases like Samsung

The Chinese handset manufacturer has reportedly appointed a third-party company to investigate the issue.

Seems like smartphones are becoming dangerous day by day. After all the chaos pertaining to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, now there are reports about Xiaomi devices exploding while charging.
As per reports, a couple of users in China complained that their Xiaomi devices got exploded while charging. The devices in question are identified as Xiaomi Mi 4c and Xiaomi Mi Max. But the Chinese handset manufacturer has claimed that these are mere accidents and there is no manufacturing default.
Xiaomi Mi 4c
One Xiaomi Mi 4c user claimed that his device got exploded in his pocket. The owner claimed that his smartphone suddenly got too hot and soon there was smoke coming out of his pants.
In the other case, a user of Xiaomi Mi Max claimed that his device exploded while it was charging. The owner also claimed that he was using the official charger which was shipped in the box.
Though Xiaomi has not said anything about the issue yet, reportedly it has appointed a third-party company to investigate the issue. Previously, there were reports about Redmi 1S getting over heated but the company dismissed it as a mere software issue.
Samsung has recently recalled its latest flagship, the Note 7, after a manufacturing fault was found. As per Samsung, the defective Note 7 units could explode while charging. The issue came to light after some Note 7 users highlighted their plight. Even airlines worldwide issued advisories for passengers to not use Note 7 on board.
Meanwhile, as per reports, Samsung is planning to release a software update which for the time being will limit the charging ability to 60 percent on every Note 7. But it is best to return the smartphone and get the refund if the recall is happening in your region.
Earlier, there were reports about OnePlus One explosion which the company claimed to be pure accident and even compensated the user with a brand new One Plus 3.